Saturday, July 5, 2014

Airplay to DLNA bridge

With an iPhone, you can stream your spotify music to an airplay receiver. Unfortunately I have a nice sound system that does not support Airplay but only DLNA. To overcome this issue I've created a bridge between Airplay and DLNA.

There are several ways to create such a bridge. The goal is to run it on an ARM powered NAS that is powered on all time. One way of creating this bride is using shairport and the pulse audio system, but because I had a hard time configuring that under Ubuntu, I chose another, more lightweight, method. This method uses the fifo based output of shairport.

I've used the lightweight UPNP server, called ushare, and added support for sharing data supplied by shairport. Basically, ushare recognizes the shairport fifo as an input file. For playback compatibility, a WAV header is placed in front of the streaming data.

I've placed the modified version of ushare on github, called airushare. The readme over there contains info on how to start both applications. Check for the changes I have made. Let me know if you need help getting it running.


  1. hi, i read topic about hg655d openwrt. i want to install openwrt on hg655d

    bu i cant install openwrt from orginal failsafe screen and i get serial access with arduino on hg655d.
    get cfe screen on putty but i anything typing on serial screen said command status = -1
    help please
    while i upload from failsafe, on cfe screen

    CFE failed
    RSA verified failed for openwrt. and b025 orginal firmware

    these firmware are OK
    RSA verified and installed

    do you know about this cause? or do you know about rsa verified?

    1. My HG655d also has a locked bootloader. You cannot access it and it performs an RSA check on the firmware. It won't boot unless you sign your ROM with a valid signature. You can try to flash a new bootloader that does not perform this check.

    2. thank you for answer and sorry to bother you. how i can flash new bootloader. i only connect serial. am i need jtag for flash new bootloader?